Security Testing

Security Testing

Astegic’s holistic Security Testing Services seamlessly imbibe the security deliverables in all phases of the SDLC ensuring robust security for business critical applications.

Increasingly, more and more companies are under legal and financial pressures to ensure the security of their code. Breach of security may result in loss of confidential customer data, legal liabilities, loss of credibility and trust, and financial strain. Astegic intertwines software quality with security by adopting Secure Software Development Lifecycle initiatives thus reducing these risks.

Emerging technologies such as social, mobile, cloud and big data make applications vulnerable. Astegic assures that companies are able to safely leverage the convergence of cloud, mobility, social computing and web applications through security testing across multiple platforms and networks.

Astegic’s Security Testing services cover:

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing covers the following areas:

Web Application Penetration Testing Services

We offer full-proof web application penetration testing techniques with secure code analysis and vulnerability management to identify, assess, and remove web security loopholes.

Mobile Application Security Testing Services

Astegic offers an all-inclusive testing package, testing all types of apps including mobile web, native and hybrid apps across the entire spectrum– client, network and server.

Cloud Application Security Testing

We offer scalable, fast and cost effective cloud application security testing services.

Network Security Assessment

From automated scans to in-depth manual penetration testing, our thorough analysis results in minimal false positives, precise findings and actionable guidance.

Device Security Testing

We conduct device attack and penetration assessments to ensure that the devices are deployed securely, and are safe from being accessed or modified by hackers.

Astegic’s Security Testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Vulnerability Scanning to reveal loopholes and vulnerable signatures
  • Penetration Testing simulating the attack from a potential hacker
  • Ethical Hacking where the system is attacked from within to expose and fix all the security flaws and loopholes
  • Risk Assessment segregating risks into High, Medium and Low categories and strategizing to resolve these risks
  • Security Scanning to uncover and mitigate the network weaknesses
  • Security Standards Review Testing: Gap analysis and Code Reviews are conducted to ensure all the standards are adhered to and implemented aptly

Astegic’s Security Testing Services assist the clients in:

  • Ensuring quality without compromising security
  • Responding quickly to the evolving threats
  • Fulfilling highly variable testing demands
  • Reducing false positives and  remediation guidance
  • Achieving cost effective end-to-end protection