Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Astegic’s Regression Testing strategy involves releasing specific test packs based on traceability matrix and change reports to minimize risk of defect leakage -- ensuring reduced time and cost.

 With ever changing business requirements, customers demand rapid alterations to applications. Astegic, with its competent systematic approach to Regression Testing ensures that these changes are delivered with minimum disruptions at a low cost.

At Astegic, we verify that the pre-existing functionalities work impeccably for the newer versions critical for the software to function with new developments or varied environments by maintaining regression test libraries. The use of Automated Testing software for full-scale Regression tests assist in reduced time and bandwidth ensuring quality assurance services.

Regression testing at Astegic assists in:

  • Smart Risk Prioritization
  • Prevention of unexpected bugs
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reduced timeframes
  • Complementing automation with manual testing

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