Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Astegic’s Performance Testing services offer end-to-end performance solutions for launching critical software applications impeccably by selecting the best approach and methodologies applicable, ensuring the best-in-industry software quality testing services.

The on-demand economy thrives on providing exceptional user experience in high-speed agile environments, and performance testing is critical if project costs and timeframes have to be managed.

At Astegic, we have a repository of tools and expertise that can simulate load on the application as well as the stifling resources, so that realistic expectations of the resulting performance can be observed before actual deployment of the product/application.

With automation, Astegic aims to make the code, build and test cycles fully repeatable so performance issues can be detected early on, saving the architectural reformation, changes to the footprint, or other costly solutions thus delivering superior software quality testing services.

Astegic’s Performance testing helps clients:

  • Reduce the risk of high-severity defects and application failure
  • Eliminate functional flaws
  • Determine application capability under load
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Ensure seamless application performance
  • Determine application scalability
  • Establish performance benchmarks for service management

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