Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Astegic’s functional testing approach is coherent and leverages proven industry standards, tools and techniques with pre-built test accelerators and methodologies.

Functional Testing is a business imperative for any application development project. Increasingly dynamic business environments entail complex solutions with tighter schedules, but not always with more budget or incremental resources. Astegic’s quality assurance services offer enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of the functional testing processes through its focus on optimized and accelerated testing.

At Astegic, we have developed automated functional testing frameworks that improve the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the testing process, enabling early detection and resolution of defects. The product objectives are meticulously assessed to define an execution path that aligns well with functional testing objectives.

Astegic’s Functional Testing service offer:

  • Right balance of automation and manual testing
  • Better risk management and quality control
  • Faster execution and greater test coverage
  • Better test accuracy and early defect detection
  • Traceability between requirements, test cases and bugs

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