DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing

The growing demand for new and improved IT and operations solutions is pushing traditional development and testing methodologies toward an inflexion point. The ever increasing speed at which end users are adopting mobile-driven and cloud-based technologies — which demand IT solutions to address more complex problems at a much faster pace — has led to the emergence of DevOps (Development and Operations) methodology.

Forward-thinking business organizations are tapping the opportunities arising from the synergy between development teams and operations teams by leveraging an integrated DevOps model. However, to achieve successful outcomes from DevOps, organizations need to adopt and embrace a DevOps culture, and deploy the right tools and practices that comprise DevOps in order to achieve continuous collaboration and delivery.

Astegic’s DevOps QA & Testing enables improved Continuous Delivery with uncompromising software quality and performance.

At Astegic, we formulate and implement a DevOps strategy that encompasses teams, infrastructure and processes to get the best out of DevOps implementation by:

  • Deploying an integrated DevOps Quality approach
  • Providing comprehensive DevOps Quality Automation Framework
  • Providing a single-click virtualized DevOps test environment and test data solutions to QA teams
  • Test Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and continuous Quality monitoring

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