Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

Astegic’s Cloud Testing services provides clients with detailed insights into software behavior regarding compatibility, load performance, browsers, and more.

Astegic’s Cloud Testing services include testing to safeguard the availability and reliability of mission-critical business processes, data, and testing non-functional areas such as performance testing, load testing, overload control, and performance acceleration during all stages of migration. Our Cloud Testing services accelerate launching cloud-based applications and ensure that the transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible.

Cloud Testing is a cost-effective solution that provides clients with detailed reports on software behavior regarding compatibility, load performance, browsers, and more, so that they can make appropriate alterations and improvements.

Astegic's Cloud Testing Services focus areas include:

Functional Testing

Evaluates software by ensuring that software meets its required functions independently and performs as expected when integrated with other applications.

Automation Testing

A faster, more cost-effective way to conduct testing on cloud applications, that offers higher reusability of test components.

Security Testing

Automated code analyzer assesses the security of applications running on cloud, pinpoints critical vulnerabilities, and identifies memory leaks.

Usability Testing

Ensures that web servers, database servers and other applications are transparent to the user by testing scalability, system architecture, and configurations.

Data Validation/Verification

Uses data screening routines to screen the entire cloud for questionable and erroneous values and data verification methods to consider the suspect values on a case-by-case basis.

Performance & Load Testing

Tests procedures, the capacity for new servers and capacity limit, and determines end-user response time.

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