Agile Testing

Agile Testing

The need for accelerated time to market, faster release cycles and constant technology upgrades across web and mobile operating system compels organization to adopt a more progressive approach to software development. Agile addresses this critical challenge of responding to unprecedented customer expectations and unpredictable business environments. However, the success of Agile depends on how effectively Agile is deployed. Many businesses that move toward Agile end up trading off quality for speed to market. This can have fatal repercussions for the business’ reputation.

At Astegic, we understand that time to market is key and organizations are constantly looking to bring new, improved products to market more rapidly; while also improving quality standards to deliver richer end user experiences.

In order to assist companies to speed up software releases while retaining uncompromising quality standards, we deploy our proven pro-Agile methodology combined with best-in-class automation tools and accelerators.

Astegic’s Agile QA methodology aligns QA and development teams by deploying standardized toolkits, templates, and frameworks to achieve significant time and cost advantage.

Our Agile QA methodology helps clients:

  • Transform traditional Waterfall and iterative Waterfall IT operations to Agile operations
  • Enhance traditional test systems and upgrade them to best perform within a streamlined and agile delivery schedule
  • Reducing QA cost, release times and defect-related failures
  • Increase speed to market
  • Enhance end user experience

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