Quality Assurance & Software Automation Testing services that deliver increased business value, greater agility, and richer user experiences for our clients’ applications.

The coming of disruptive technologies and trends such as mobility, big data analytics, cloud and smart automation is altogether redefining the role of IT applications within businesses and enterprises.Software applications and IT operations are no longer playing second fiddle to business operations. In fact, the IT applications ecosystem now acts as a catalyst for achieving business transformation and higher profitability in the new digital age. Software quality testing services act as catalyst for this transformation.

Astegic’s software application testing services and automation QA best-practices have been consistently delivering measurable improvements in software quality with reduced time-to-market, reduced cost and higher efficiency in IT operational processes. Being a pure-play software testing company, Astegic has been consistently helping its clients achieve quality-led application transformation.

Astegic’s application testing services benefit clients with:

  • Reduced time to market by up to 30{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}
  • Reduced cost of QA & testing by up to 25{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}
  • Reduction in high-severity defects by up to 90{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}
  • Savings in QA time through Automation of up to 40{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}

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