Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn how our independent QA testing services are applied to real client software concerns, and how we’re saving our clients time and money.

ACC Case Study

How Astegic Helped The American College of Cardiology By Providing A Smartphone App For Clinicians Managing Anticoagulation For NVAF Patients

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) was developing a mobile app for clinicians across specialties which would help them in safely managing anti-coagulation around an invasive procedure for NVAF patients.

Acutech Case Study

How Astegic Provided an Effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System To AcuTech To Help Its Clients Manage Their Risks And Maximize Opportunities That Lead To Project Success

Acuity® is a cloud-based risk management application owned by AcuTech. Acuity® allows users to work with a defined risk management process including project management, protocols, risk matrix, and report generation. The Acuity® application provides role-based access where each user can interact with the application according to their role(s), and perform assigned tasks more effectively.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Case Study

How Astegic Helped The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Improve Their Information Synchronization & Sharing Process

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) was looking for a technology-enabled solution to help its airport managers to gather information and provide it to officials quickly and accurately.

EMR Case Study

How Astegic Helped OneMedical EMR Improve Their Patient Care Service Delivery by Providing a Robust Electronic Medical Records Application

OneMedicalEMR is an electronic medical records solution created for providing client-practices (doctors) with the latest and the most efficient technology-enabled solutions using which patients can register through a web portal and provide all of their medical records for faster and more accurate diagnostics and treatment.

GER Case Study

How Astegic Helped GER to Improve Their Emergency Response System By Providing a Patient Tracking App for Smartphones

Global Emergency Resources (GER) is a provider of web and Windows® based real‐time status tracking and situational awareness information systems. GER offers software and technology solutions for use by healthcare, EMS and governmental organizations. GER also provides support services across the spectrum’s that complement its software products, including designing, conducting and evaluating training events from…

Circle Back Case Study

How CircleBack and Astegic Partnership Yielded Faster & More Efficient Testing, Higher Savings and Superior Quality

Access to the right people at the right time is crucial; therefore, contact information has to be more than up-to-date, it has to be up-to-the-second. CircleBack provides the up-to the-second contact information professionals require to propel productivity and stay ahead of their competitors.

Dub Labs Case Study

How DubLabs and Astegic Partnership Yielded Superior Customer Satisfaction, Fast Turn Around Times, and Cost Savings

DubLabs provides a mobile ecosystem and unified mobility platform to help educational institutions increase student engagement, performance and retention. The unified mobility platform helps institutions build personalized relationships and allows students to access their assignments, schedules, and activities on mobile devices.