TRAF: Testing Requirement-Analysis Framework

TRAF: Testing Requirement Analysis Framework

TRAF - Testing Requirement-Analysis Framework


Conventional wisdom would advocate the inclusion of QA/Testing early in the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). The further you go into the SDLC, the more likely it is that bugs that could have been detected early, will have gone into production.

The time and cost involved in finding and fixing these bugs at a later stage is going to be significantly higher. Moreover, how many bugs can actually be found and fixed in later stages of the SDLC is a concern. Typically, as you go further into the development lifecycle, the slimmer your chances to detect and overcome defects with ease.

As such, going by the widely accepted practice, most project teams would encourage the involvement of QA/Testing requirement analysis in the early stages of development - as early as the requirement review phase.

Such early involvement helps QA teams to collaborate with development teams in the identification of complex requirements - as well as ambiguous, contradictory, incomplete, untestable, or deprecated test case scenarios - early enough to develop thorough tests ahead of the code’s arrival.

However, with increasing complexity of software applications, especially with the integration of new technologies such as cloud, mobility, big data and analytics, validating QA/Testing requirement specifications is not as straightforward.

To enable businesses to speed up their testing requirement analysis time, Astegic has developed a comprehensive requirement-analysis framework. TRAF helps in rapid QA/Testing project set-ups, in turn speeding up the software’s release cycles, and ultimately helping businesses achieve speed to market.

By clearly articulating and thus eliminating ambiguities early in the requirements phase, TRAF ensures the prevention of early defects, and significantly reduces the chances of bug proliferation into subsequent stages of the QA testing lifecycle.

TRAF is specifically designed to fully encompass the three most critical aspects of the testing requirement process:

  1. Scope
  2. Coherence
  3. Consistency
Figure 1 - TRAF: Parameters
Figure 1 - TRAF: Parameters
Testing Requirement Analysis Framework
Figure 2 - TRAF: Requirement Evaluation Matrix

Figure 2 - TRAF: Requirement Evaluation Matrix

Figure 3 – TRAF: Across the STLC

Figure 3 – TRAF: Across the STLC


TRAF delivers significant client-benefits that include some of the following key outcomes among many others:

  • Early detection of up to 50{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} bugs
  • Cost savings of up to 25{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} due to early detection
  • High to low prioritization of requirements based on defect severity
  • Fully adaptable to Agile and Waterfall models
  • Reduction in post-release defects by up to 30{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}
  • Increased speed to market by up to 25{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} due to faster release cycles

Client Case Study

One of our clients, GER (Global Emergency Resources) was developing a mobile-first application that helps paramedics track real-time patient data during response to emergencies. GER chose Astegic to provide a QA testing solution for web as well as for mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Astegic’s Testing Requirement-Analysis Framework: TRAF helped GER to rapidly outline the forward and backward software compatibility issues in their application. It also helped GER to redefine the minimum hardware configuration needed to run the application by validating it against predefined parameters within TRAF.

TRAF also helped GER to clearly identify business scenarios around which the entire application is built and run; speeding up their SDLC by 27{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}, in addition to delivering a 22{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} cost saving.

About Astegic

Astegic is a US-based Quality Assurance (QA) company with its offshore global delivery center in India. For 15 years, Astegic has been helping Fortune 500 through startup companies with their Testing & QA needs. With our in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, our clients receive innovative and best-in-class service and solutions. We offer near 24/7 rapid service from both Astegic’s US and India based testing operations.

Focusing on resolving our client’s testing challenges, Astegic specializes in decreasing costs, speeding time-to-market and improving the quality of our client’s applications. Astegic has a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), specializing in providing solutions across Mobile, Cloud and API testing.

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