MTAA: Mobile Test Automation Accelerator

MTAA: Mobile Test Automation Accelerator

MTAA – Mobile Test Automation Accelerator


Mobility offer tremendous opportunities to businesses to deliver more personalized end user experiences to enterprise and individual users. Mobilized access to information allows enterprises to offer information access to decision makers on the go, to reach out to their customers faster, and to explore engagement opportunities previously untapped.

While mobility presents new use cases and precincts, it also puts forward new challenges ahead of companies to deliver unmatched experiences faster and more accurately than their competition. As such, for companies, ensuring that mobile applications that their users interact with are of high quality remains a top priority.

With growing device diversity, and multiple operating systems versions across Android, iOS and Windows mobile that are out in the market, mobile application testing can be challenging, as well as time, labor and cost intensive.

To help its clients overcome the challenges associated with mobile application testing, and to turn them into new business opportunities and additional revenue streams, Astegic has developed a mobile test automation acceleration framework.

MTAA (Mobile Test Automation Accelerator) speeds up test automation by streamlining QA efforts and simplifying the mobile automation process.

MTAA is a hybrid mobile application test automation acceleration framework that best utilizes a combination of open source technologies and reusable scripts and components to speed up mobile test automation and minimizes code developing efforts.

Capable of being combined with open source mobile app test automation frameworks, MTAA enables faster and more efficient execution of cross-platform test automation for mobile applications.

MTAA enables companies to reduce mobile application test efforts significantly, enhance mobile app development efficiency, speed up test case development, improve mobile app quality and shorted app upgrade lifecycles. The bottom line is that companies achieve higher cost savings, speed to market and highly reliable mobile applications.

Built to provide a phased approach to mobile app testing, MTAA brings clarity, agility and validity to the mobile app STLC.

Figure 1 – MTAA across an STLC
Figure 1 – MTAA across STLC


MTAA delivers significant client-benefits that include some of the following key outcomes among many others:

  • 40-50{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} more efficiency in bug detection
  • 20-25{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} higher cost savings due to early detection
  • 20-30{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} increase in speed to market
  • 25-30{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} reduction in support tickets due to stable app delivery
  • Increased test coverage and reusability
  • Increase in overall test efficiency

Client Case Study

One of our clients, DubLabs was developing a unified mobility platform to help educational institutions to better engage with academic staffs by allows students to access their assignments, schedules, and activities on mobile devices. The unified experience, which is built on native apps, enables students to access their course information and provides them with better college experiences through their devices. DubLabs needed to test its unified platform on iOS and Android native apps on every device; as well as test its integration functionality with the schools’ learning management and student information systems.

Deploying MTAA, Astegic was able to rapidly select and deploy Appium, an open source mobile app test automation tool, saving 42{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} in QA time from implementing automation.

DubLabs also realized a 30{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} improvement in time-to-market, and a 60{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} increase in customer satisfaction due to improved application quality.

About Astegic

Astegic is a US-based Quality Assurance (QA) company with its offshore global delivery center in India. For 15 years, Astegic has been helping Fortune 500 through startup companies with their Testing & QA needs. With our in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, our clients receive innovative and best-in-class service and solutions. We offer near 24/7 rapid service from both Astegic’s US and India based testing operations.

Focusing on resolving our client’s testing challenges, Astegic specializes in decreasing costs, speeding time-to-market and improving the quality of our client’s applications. Astegic has a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), specializing in providing solutions across Mobile, Cloud and API testing.

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