CRAFT: Client-Ready Automation Framework for Testing

CRAFT: Client-Ready Automation Framework for Testing

CRAFT - Client-Ready Automation Framework for Testing


Businesses and enterprises are increasingly challenged to deliver uncompromising user experiences to customers. While the need for quality remains paramount, the competitive landscape in which businesses operate today requires them to be highly responsive and agile while also maximizing their profits. As such, companies strive to deliver software applications to end users faster and with superior quality.

Businesses want to ensure that they adhere to strict and conservative IT budgets while speeding up their software releases. Acknowledging this need for higher efficiency and agility, IT leaders and QA Directors are increasingly automating their QA processes.

With growing app complexity, and the need to remain ahead of competition, Test Automation has witnessed growing adoption among IT organizations. Done right, Test Automation can reduce the time spent on running repetitive tests from days to hours. However, the key to successfully implementing and executing a test automation project is selection of the right QA Automation tools.

Identifying, procuring and selecting the right automation tools and frameworks can be time and cost intensive. To overcome this challenge, and thus enable its clients in rapid selection and deployment of QA automation for functional and regression testing, Astegic has developed a comprehensive QA Automation acceleration framework.

CRAFT (Client-Ready Automation Framework for Testing) enables companies to cut test efforts significantly by enhancing the performance of their test automation tools. Many of Astegic’s non-technical end user clients who have no programming knowledge or coding skills have been able to set up automation test processes and run automated test scripts with ease using CRAFT.

Figure 1 – CRAFT across an STLC
Figure 1 – CRAFT across STLC

CRAFT, being a platform independent automation acceleration framework, helps our clients implement tool agnostic automation. This has often helped our clients achieve significant cost savings of up to 40{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} from their QA Automation initiatives.

Figure 2 – CRAFT for Automation Optimization
Figure 2 – CRAFT for Automation Optimization

CRAFT enables companies to adopt QA automation early in the STLC (Software Test Lifecycle) and leverages pre-built test scripts to reduce cost of QA Automation. Companies can achieve savings both in terms of time and resources.

The initial cost of CRAFT is quickly recovered as the break-even point of investment is achieved in less than 10 test cycles – in most cases as early as 5 test cycles.

Figure 3– Break-Even Point for Investment in CRAFT
Figure 3– Break-Even Point for Investment in CRAFT

CRAFT not only helps companies to derive direct cost-benefits from reduction in QA Automation efforts, it also helps in appropriate allocation of technical resources towards more critical functions – thus enhancing overall business productivity.

CRAFT has enables companies to cut test efforts by as much as 35{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}. Using CRAFT, Astegic has assisted companies to consistently meet their software release targets -- in turn reducing their time to market, as well as cutting resource-based cost of manual testing. CRAFT has allowed some its clients to reduce cost of manual testing by as much as 65{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2}.

Figure 4 – CRAFT Advantages
Figure 4 – CRAFT Advantages



CRAFT delivers significant client-benefits that include some of the following key outcomes among many others:

  • High scalability and coverage due to end-to-end automation capability of the QA automation acceleration framework.
  • Higher efficiency due to continuous integration (CI).
  • Up to 20{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} return on investment per test cycle.
  • Cost savings of up to 20{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} due to early automation.
  • Cost savings of up to 25{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} due to reusable test scripts, libraries and components.
  • Acceleration in speed to market in the region of 30-40{fc1f5b6a708ed50df8f6347f5f868e0a1a3db547f463d1972138974ce8998de2} due to QA automation.

Client Case Study

One of our clients in the US Healthcare industry wanted to test their web portal along with the Windows® Desktop application. Astegic delivered an automation testing solution to get meaningful, scalable, repeatable and reliable results in quick time.

Using CRAFT, Astegic rapidly created a testing automation solution which supported the client’s Windows® and Web framework. The QA solution had Regression Test Suite, Smoke Test Suite and Functional Test Suite with more than 1000 automated test cases.

Leveraging CRAFT, Astegic addressed its client’s time and resource constraints to deliver Automation testing services like:

  • Regression Testing
  • Build Verification Testing
  • UAT Testing
  • HTML reports of Test Case execution

About Astegic

Astegic is a US-based Quality Assurance (QA) company with its offshore global delivery center in India. For 15 years, Astegic has been helping Fortune 500 through startup companies with their Testing & QA needs. With our in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, our clients receive innovative and best-in-class service and solutions. We offer near 24/7 rapid service from both Astegic’s US and India based testing operations.

Focusing on resolving our client’s testing challenges, Astegic specializes in decreasing costs, speeding time-to-market and improving the quality of our client’s applications. Astegic has a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), specializing in providing solutions across Mobile, Cloud and API testing.

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