Astegic combines QA automation tools and accelerators with pro-agile engagement and delivery frameworks to deliver improved QA outcomes.

Astegic is a pure-play QA & Testing services company. For 15 years, Astegic has been helping Fortune 500 through startup companies with their Testing & QA needs. Astegic has a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), specializing in providing solutions across Mobile, Cloud, and API testing. 

With our in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, our clients receive innovative and best-in-class service and solutions. We offer near 24/7 rapid service from both Astegic's US and India based testing operations. By combining manual functional testing, with world-class automation capabilities, we are proud to provide our diverse clientele with mobile, web and cloud based applications.

We help organizations make a successful transition from Manual testing processes to QA Automation. We hand-hold companies through this journey, assisting them through our quick on-boarding process, jumpstarter QA toolkits comprising of Requirement Analysis Frameworks, QA Automation Accelerators, and Model-based Testing using proprietary, open source and third party tools.

Astegic Inc.


As we grow its very important to have common core values that serve as our guide posts. Here are few that we have been following:


Quality is important to us and we seek and achieve that in everything that we do. Quality is what we are here for, and quality is what we like to stand for: quality in our people; in our interaction and relationships, and in our work. How do we measure quality: we exceed expectations-- whether it's in your daily interaction with colleagues or delivering a project to our clients.


We build and nurture long term relationships on the foundation of trust and respect with our clients and people. Our people ideology of Recruit, Retain and Reward upholds a true sense of commitment in all of us. And we extend the same commitment to our clients. How do we measure commitment: long term relationships and going an extra mile.


We solve complex challenges through collaboration and effective communication. How do we do it: to us, problem-solving is about collaborating and teaming up with our clients as their partners to solve their business challenges.

Flexibility & Responsibility

We bring and retain smart people who understand, respect, value and practice the balance between freedom & accountability. We operate amidst constantly changing client requirements and rapidly evolving user-needs. It is our flexibility to adapt and accountability for our work that makes us, and in turn our clients, successful. How do we measure responsiveness: we show responsible behaviour without internal/external push/follow up.

Shared Success

We align the interests of our clients with our team to achieve shared success. How do we achieve shared success: we create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Why Choose Astegic's Independent Testing Services?

When our clients choose Astegic's independent testing services, it means they've chosen a more efficient testing strategy. At Astegic our offshore delivery center ensures our clients 24-hour access to our services; enabling our clients to meet release schedule deadlines prior to their competitors, and avoiding any negative impact that may occur due to regulations on products and software applications.